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Tigger and his first baby OOP

About me.

My name is Caitlin. I'm 19 years old, go to high school and have 3 suggies of my own. I have been sewing since I was about 8. My mother, who taught me how to sew, used to sell at craft shows regularly. Im quite proud of the work I do and hopefully will have some testimonials soon. I have a smoke free house but I do own cats so please let me know of any allergies and I will put everything though a wash just before I pack it all up. That’s about all there is to tell, if you're a returning customer please don’t forget to leave some feedback in my guestbook.


Thanks, TiggerBell

Did you know...

The name TiggerBell came from two of my suggies. Tigger was my very first glider; we later got his sister Angel and then Tinkerbell and Mickey. Tigger was Tinkerbell's mate before he passed on. Tigger and Tinkerbell are my two favourite cartoon characters, so it only seems appropriate for them to be mates. So when we got them both my name on www.sugarglider.com became TiggerBell. Best of both worlds.

Gift Exchange Special

If you are a member of glidercentral.net (or another glider site) and are part of a gift exchange, I offer 15 % discount for your buddy's gift! (not including shipping.) Also includes pretty wrapping and a personalized card.


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